Automatic Driving Lessons Wakefield – FAQ’s

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions relating to automatic driving lessons and learning to drive in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Is it easier to drive an automatic car?

For most people driving in automatic car is easier and a quicker process too. It’s because you don’t have to learn the skills of how or when to change gears or clutch control. In addition, automatic don’t stall, so there’s less chance of holding up traffic behind when moving off.

How much does your automatic driving tuition cost?

There are a range of driving course that we give which are very competitive. See more information regarding lesson prices.

At what age can I start having driving lessons?

You’ll need to be at least 17 years old normally to drive on the public roads. If you’re registered as disabled you maybe able to start driving an 16 years old. We have beginners driving lessons which are ideal if you’ve just turned 17 years an want to get started.

What will I need to bring on my first automatic driving lesson?

On seeing your automatic driving instructor for the first time, you should bring your provisional driving licence. If you need glasses or contact lenses for driving you should bring these too.

Will I be driving on my first automatic car lesson?

Yes, you’ll have a chance to drive an automatic car on your first lesson. We give quality automatic driving lesson here in Wakefield. Find out more about automatic car lessons.

How long will each driving lesson be?

Automatic driving lessons from us are 1.5 hours or 2 hours long. We offer longer lessons if requested or you could choose an automatic intensive driving course if you are wanting to pass quickly.

How should I pay for my automatic driving lessons?

You can make payments easily for automatic lessons with cash, or bank transfer to your driving instructor. For more details contact us.

How many automatic driving lessons will I need to pass my test?

The simply answer is that everyone is different. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) who conduct the driving test recommends an average of around 45 hours of lessons with a professional instructor with private practice in addition. Of course, there are many factors which can affect how long, or how many hours you’ll need. See our range of different lessons right for you.

Will I need to pass my theory test before starting driving lessons?

You can start your lessons before you pass your theory test. Your instructor can give you help with this an show you how your theory relates to practical driving. You can learn about the driving theory test here.

How long does my driving theory test certificate last for?

Once you have pass your theory test you’ll also receive a certificate number which is valid for 2 years. Get more information about the theory test and hazard perception test.