Wakefield Automatic Intensive Courses

A course of intensive driving lessons with an automatic car in Wakefield provided an option for you to pass quickly. Usually, it takes months to learn, this way you could pass in just a few days to a few weeks.

Each driving course we provide is tailored for each pupil depending on their level.

How do our intensive courses work?

They start by taking an assessment with a local automatic driving instructor, this will be the same one who will be learning with.

This assessment will firstly outline how your course will be conducted. Then, your instructor will give you a practical drive where they can see which key areas need to be covered on your well planned out course. This lesson last for 2 hours at a costs of just £50.

If you are a beginner who is unable to be assessed, we recommend taking some weekly lessons to get to grips with the basic firstly.

Where possible, you’ll also be given feedback on how many driving lessons you may need. Remember, this is an estimate and you should be prepared to take slightly more if required to reach a safe driving test standard.

On your driving course

Lessons are planned in a way to get the very best our of your instruction. During a typical day of a course these lessons will be broken down into easy manageable sessions of 2 hours followed by a break. Keep refreshed and alert usually leads to a better performance on the road.

Your intensive instructor will give you regular feedback and happily encourage any questions you have.

How much do these intensive courses cost?

From us, our courses start from as little as £420. When considering the time saved and what a driving licence can offer, this make an affordable way to take a driving course in an automatic car. See all our lessons and costs here

Start the automatic intensive way

For any further information about our intensive automatic driving courses in Wakefield we are ready to help. Get in touch today in the following ways.