Automatic Car Lessons, Driving Courses & Services

There are different ways of taking your driving lessons with an automatic car with us. All lessons at Wakefield Automatic Driving School are expertly planned and delivered. Sessions are tailored to your requirements from a fully focused fun instructor. See an overview of the types of driving lessons we provide below.

Benefits of lessons at Wakefield Automatic Driving School

  • Competitive priced per hour lessons with discounted tuition for block bookings.
  • Free theory test training covering the theory test questions and the hazard perception test.
  • Local automatic instructors with high pass rates.
  • Professional instructors who have lots of patience and experience teaching pupils of varying abilities.
  • Nervous driver are welcome.
  • Tailor automatic car lessons which a adaptable to your requirements.

Generally with us people take 90 or 120 minute lessons. These are a cost effective and quicker way for learning to drive an automatic car whilst getting the most out of each session. Most learners take one or two lessons each week and which enable them to get passed in a matter of just a few months this way.

intensive lessons in automatic cars

An automatic car intensive driving course or crash course is essentially a faster way to learn and pass. They last for 1 to 4 weeks normally. These lessons are suited to people who find intensive tuition a better way for them to learn, or for those who need to get a full licence soon.

Other driving lessons

We have other types of automatic driving lessons and courses for full licence holder to improved the way they drive.

Refresher Lessons

Not driven in a while? This refresher drivers course is for people who would like to regain or enhance areas of their driving. If you are a nervous driver this course offers solution for becoming more confident behind the wheel.

Motorway Lessons

If you have not had the opportunity to take driving lessons on motorways we can help. A short course introduces key driver skills to become better and feel more comfortable about motorway journeys.