Motorway Automatic Driving Lessons

Be a confident automatic car driver on motorways at Wakefield Automatic Driving School

Motorways often carries fast moving traffic and help drivers to get to long destinations quicker in many cases. Often these types of roads can be a daunting experience for especially new drivers who have just passed their driving test. If you’ve never driven on a motorway before, or you would like to be more confident on them, we can help you with automatic driving lessons in an automatic car around Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Our automatic car motorway driving lessons with help you with :

  1. Planning a journey using motorways
  2. Preparing your car for motorway driving.
  3. Joining and leaving safely
  4. Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles
  5. Use of speed
  6. Lane discipline on motorways
  7. Signs, road markings, signals and how to use them safely.
  8. Overtaking
  9. Planning, anticipation and awareness at higher speeds.
  10. Taking a break when needed.
  11. Dealing with a vehicle breakdown

With guidance from a patient driving instructor at Wakefield Automatic Driving School we’ll give you all the help you require to gain essential experience for driving at higher speeds and longer distances on these types of roads. You’ll also learn about defensive driving and how these techniques can to avoid accidents at high speed.

Motorway driving is also part of the Pass Plus course. On your learner tuition your instructor may also introduce motorways with your training. However, this dedicated course goes into more detail.

To find out more, or to make a booking for motorway driving course with an automatic car, please feel free to get in touch with our instructors today.