Why Go Learn in Automatic

Here are some of main reasons why people like to learn in an automatic car around Wakefield in West Yorkshire with us.

Driving lessons with an automatic car is easier to learn than learning in a manual car.

Automatic cars have just 2 pedal to control and these are the accelerator and foot-brake. These vehicle have automatic transmission which changes the gears automatically when required. It also prevents the car from stalling when moving off and stopping.

Because there is less to do, drivers often feel that they have more time to focus during instruction. It is also a more easygoing experience for the driver.

Getting an automatic car to move away and stop is much more straightforward. Driving in traffic, dealing with junctions and roundabouts can become easier to manage along with car control.

The automatic option has become popular for both young and older drivers nowadays. If you have been having trouble with the gears or clutch, try this simplified way of motoring independence.

Reasons to try automatic

  • Easier and often cheaper to learn overall
  • Fewer lessons needed
  • Only 2 pedals for controlling your speed
  • No stalling, changing gears or clutch
  • Feel more comfortable driving
  • Great for confidence

give automatic a go?

Give our team a call. Take a trail lesson with us an find out why lots of learner like driving with our automatic car lessons in Wakefield.